1000 Readers These readers are broken into short easy to read information reinforced by simple activities. Each reader includes a glossary, interesting facts, reading, puzzles, highlights of achievements, sequencing of important events, and simple math activities! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  American Milestones A must-have for Social Studies teachers nationwide. Focusing on historical events, these reproducible books are filled with fascinating facts, hands-on activities, teacher-tested lesson plans and more! They provide an in-depth look at our nation's history, and quality, standards-based content teachers can count on! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  Around The World This action-packed adventure series transports readers Around The World with mystery-solving thrills. SAVE 10% when you purchase all 19 paperbacks of the Around the World Mystery series. Award Winning Titles Nineteen Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 620-860
  Our Big, Cool USA This series makes Our Big Cool USA fun to learn about! Appealing graphics and engaging activities cover USA symbols, landmarks, founders, government, history, geography, people, monumental events, and lots more! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  Biography Funbooks These biographies about famous historical figures cover information that students are required or expected to learn to meet state and national standards. They provide an overview of each person's life and are filled with fun activities to reinforce learning! Best of all? They're REPRODUCIBLE! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  Black Heritage This high-impact series makes black heritage studies fun and interactive while bringing students up to speed on the achievements of influential African Americans throughout history and today. Motivating narratives and educational activities make these teacher-requested best-sellers Black History Month must-haves! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets.
  Bluffton Books A New Imprint from Gallopade. These are charming, original books for adults and children of all ages. Some have been written over the last 30 years by Carole Marsh. Others are new, often illustrated by exceedingly talented Savannah College of Art & Design students or graduates.
  Bulletin Boards Teachers love these engaging bulletin board sets! Each All-In-One includes colorful pieces on topics straight from educational standards. Each All-In-One Bulletin Board Set includes more than 30 individual bulletin board pieces, 20 feet of borders and an educational activity for students that involves making an item that teachers can put up as part of the bulletin board display!
  Careers Curriculum Career readiness has recently become front and center for educators across the country. These resources for students help prepare them for the not-so-distant future. The student-friendly, graphic format speaks volumes to students of all ages. These indispensable books meet career education mandates that begin with career exploration and discovery in elementary and middle school, and progress through planning and pathways in high school and beyond. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperback sets. Award Winning Series Sets Available
  Student's Civil War Teeming with drama, this series brings life and liveliness to Civil War studies. These books combine historical facts with contemporary devices in a captivating concept that includes speedy dialog, dramatic stories, lots of first person dialog, and an unbiased, thoughtful approach to this eventful and enlightening piece of American history. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperback sets. Sets Available
Gallopade Coloring and Activity books are loaded with interactive and educational content such as games, puzzles, quizzes, pictures to color, facts, trivia and more! These engaging books cover educational topics that encourage young children to learn while having fun!
  Common Core Lessons & Activities Science and Social Studies teachers are expected to change how they teach because of CCSS for Literacy and Writing. Teachers must continue to meet their existing standards, AND integrate new analysis, rigor, and more into their daily instruction. Teachers can supplement the resources they have by choosing the books in this series that match the science and social studies topics they are responsible for teaching. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperback sets. Award Winning Series Sets Available
The DBQ (Document-Based Questions) Lessons and Activities series combines rigorous academic content with higher-order thinking activities to provide teachers focused resources on key science and social studies topics that meet the high expectations and standards! Students read, observe, and analyze primary and secondary sources to answer document-based questions (DBQ) that range from identifying cause and effect, predicting possible outcomes, explaining point-of-view, summarizing main ideas, defining vocabulary from textual clues, and much more!
The K-2 Essentials for Social Studies series is the winner of the 2018 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products Award. Essentials for Social Studies is standards-based and includes more than 100 grade-specific reproducible pages covering topics essential for instruction. EVERYTHING you need in one great resource!
Customized products for special events, anniversaries, and celebrations that take place around the country. Products include Trifolds, Coloring & Activity Books, and more!
Social Studies Curriculum is available for Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, and Ohio. All Gallopade Curriculum is 100% aligned to the social studies state standards! Every word, activity, skill builder, and assessment is written based on your state standards. Teach, test, track effectively, comprehensively, and successfully with our all-in-one social studies curriculum.
    In these spooky stories, four girls find themselves in the middle of real mysteries that take all the Scouting skills they have to solve! The girls put their skills into action to solve these mysteries filled with giggles, goosebumps and s'more! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Four Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 690
  Here & Now This series of books covers a wide range of topics from the President of the United States of America to the Middle East, 9-11, germs, cooking and more.
  Hispanic Heritage These fun, kid-friendly, educational books bring Hispanic history, culture, current events and achievements to life. Kids will love the variety in this series – with activities in both English and Spanish! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  I'm Reading About... I'm Reading About... helps early readers learn fun and interesting facts about various famous locations. The colorful illustrations, bold, vibrant art, kid-friendly text and photographs help bring the sites to life.
  It's Your World This series gives students the opportunity to "travel" around the world and learn about other amazing countries and continents. It's Your World brings these exciting places to life through food, culture, history, and famous people. From fascinating cultures to dramatic geography, this series gives students a breadth and depth of knowledge about incredible places across the globe. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  James Bone - 007 Years Old This new 8 book series invites readers to join James Bone on an epic hunt to find dinosaur fossils for show-and-tell! Each book follows the adventures of James as he digs through a new assignment at a famous archaeological site. Along with his friends Pick, Shovel, and his dog Diggy, they uncover more than just fossils – thanks to friendship, cooperation, and a little bit of luck, they discover the tools needed to solve any problem. James proves that with perseverance, persistence, and patience - he always completes his mission.
  Masters of Disasters The Masters family is not a faint-hearted group. Traveling with their scientist dad, Curie and Nick Masters dig deep into the "how and why" of the world's biggest natural phenomena. Natural disasters are the perfect catalyst for a mixture of science, technology, engineering, and math. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Award Winning Titles Six Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 720-820
  My Life As A Third Grade... This is a fun series for elementary-age readers. Each engaging story is told from the perspective of the main character – a very likable, but slightly self-conscious, third grader! Full-color illustrations have quirky humor and personality that will delight young readers! Fun for any age! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Three Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 430-520
  Native American History Excite and engage kids with this series full of essential history! Fun activities are educational and insightful – a great resource for Native American History Month! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
  Parents Take Charge These books provide parents with practical and fun ideas for helping their children master the knowledge they need to pass the standardized test. Parents and teachers asked for tools like these, and award-winning author Carole Marsh answered by packing these books with simple, yet effective ideas and activities that parents can use with their children at home, in the car, any time.
  Patriotic Favorites These books and posters make learning about political parties and the election process fun and cool! Activities and games engage kids and encourage them to grab a pencil and join the party with facts on voting, the office of the president, candidate selection, the White House, and more.
  Pretty Darn Scary Mysteries Girls and boys will be up all night with captivating stories of legends, lore, fascinating history, and more! Each book takes readers on an adventurous ride as they uncover creepy clues that lead them to shocking solutions. SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Award Winning Titles Five Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 740-830
    Each Primary Source Pack includes 20 important primary sources, ranging from photos and maps to paintings and lithographs to letters and telegrams to newspaper clippings and diagrams. Packs include a mix of color, black-and-white, and sepia primary sources, all printed on sturdy 8.5" X 11" card stock.
  Real Kids! Real Places! Travel with Mimi, Papa, Christina, and Grant to famous historic sites, national parks, museums, monuments, coasts, canyons, and everything in between as they piece together American history and solve thrilling mysteries! SAVE 10% when you purchase set of all paperbacks of the Real Kids! Real Places! series. Award Winning Titles Fifty Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 610-920
  Science Alliance The award-winning Science Alliance series has been applauded for its combination of challenging science and kid-friendly, hands-on activities, experiments – and a science fair project in every book! Perfect for science-minded kids and teachers who just can't get enough information about earth, life, and physical science! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Award Winning Series Sets Available
Explore the 50 states with the Gallopade “State Experience” sets for all 50 states! Each state has over 30 products that include educational books, fun sheets, decorative items, maps, timelines, games and more. Buy products individually or save money when you buy the set of complete products for your state! Use the STATE filter to choose a state. 
  Wildlife Mysteries "Real kid" characters follow clues and use STEM skills (science, technology, engineering, and math) to solve mysteries in these wild adventures filled with high-tech gear, humor, and exciting thrills and chills. SAVE 10% when you purchase set of all paperbacks of the Wildlife Mysteries. Award Winning Titles Six Book Series Sets Available Lexile Levels: 660-790
  Writer's Blocks Prompt students to think outside the box! This ground-breaking, hands-on learning tool compels students to exercise decision-making skills and creativity in their writing. With just a few quick turns, reluctant writers have a friendly, hands-on aid to help them get started and enjoy writing. Writer's Blocks literally yield hundreds of story combinations - the possibilities are endless!
  Writing Tree This innovative program can help teachers teach any child to be a great writer! With an easy-to-use interactive process that lets students witness real writing in action, Writing Tree gives students all the tools and methodology they need to help them write with enthusiasm, find their own voice, and write fearlessly. The program guides them through the writing process and uses a creative approach to make writing fun! SAVE 10% when you purchase paperbacks sets. Sets Available
    The Mystery of the Haunted Library Author Carole Marsh weaves her brand of classic mystery fiction with fascinating narrative non-fiction and engaging graphic novel illustrations that will keep kids reading as each page-turn reveals a new surprise. In The Mystery of the Haunted Library series, you'll journey to real places around the globe filled with adventure and intrigue and brought to life through the artwork of artist and illustrator Lee Barrow.