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PUBLISHED: Monday, March 12, 2018

About Us

Gallopade makes teaching easier and learning fun. 

Located in Peachtree City, Georgia, Gallopade is a people-first, diverse organization that empowers educators, engages students, and fosters the joy of reading. Our dedicated team of experts, researchers, and editors are continuously evaluating to respond to the needs of schools and students, ensuring 100% alignment with state standards to support educators in several states, with more on the horizon. 

Founded in 1979 by author Carole Marsh, Gallopade has spent over 40 years building a reputation as a trusted source for products that teach social studies, history, geography, and science, with curriculum resources correlated to state standards and supplemental materials, software, and many other resources in editions for all 50 states and Canada. 

Gallopade Curriculum improves the teacher experience and impacts learning through innovative methods, putting students on a path for continued success throughout their school years and beyond. And, of course, we create books! - with thousands of titles that go hand-in-hand with our educational materials and various other topics of interest for readers of all ages!

At its heart, Gallopade is a family company that cares. Our employees' children have been featured characters in our mysteries and stories, and children that grew up reading our books now work here. We have a commitment to our staff, our customers, our community, and to the world outside our doors to provide best-in-class products and services that are educational, entertaining, inclusive, and representative of everyone and every heritage around the globe. 

At Gallopade, we always ask customers, "What do you need to be successful?" Our answer is, "We can do that for you," – and we mean it.

Hear from our founder about the journey that brought Gallopade to where we are today.