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Get Excited: It's the Summer of Dinosaurs!

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, June 1, 2022 by Emilee Howell

Get Excited: It's the Summer of Dinosaurs!

Graphic Novel Series Incorporates Fun & Facts for Young Readers

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but our fascination with the prehistoric giants only increases with each new fossil uncovered. This summer promises to be a busy season for dino fans, from traveling exhibits to blockbuster movies. The award-winning publisher, Gallopade, and children’s author Carole Marsh wants to ensure that kids carry that excitement into their summer reading, and that's where a pint-sized paleontologist with a familiar-sounding name makes his debut.

The name is Bone – James Bone; 007-years-old and licensed to dig! Marsh's newest series, a delightful spoof created for kids with an appetite for prehistoric puns, fun, and facts, invites readers to join James on epic hunts to find fossils for show-and-tell. While readers are immersed in the captivating illustrations by artist Lee Barrow, parents will enjoy that the series incorporates history, vocabulary, and science to educate, entertain, and help maintain reading levels during the summer months.  

Each book follows James, his friends, and his dog Diggy as they tackle a 'big dig gig' at well-known archaeological sites. Like every good mission, there are villains bent on thwarting James at every turn, ensuring a mad dash packed with humor, daring chases, and nail-biting action! The young explorers uncover more than just fossils along the way, they discover the tools necessary to overcome any problem. The series teaches that every challenge can be solved with perseverance, persistence, and creative problem-solving.

Graphic novels are proven to help children get excited about reading and can be crucial to reading retention while improving confidence. Diane Donovan, senior reviewer for Midwest Book Reviews states, "Even youngsters who normally eschew nonfiction facts and most picture book stories will find the format and drama-laced adventure especially appealing." James Bone will keep dinosaur fans engaged as they binge the books, cover to cover. 

Gallopade will add to all the dinosaur fun with a challenge for young readers. Starting in June, those who purchase and read the first four books will have a chance to win an explorer kit and more books from the series. The first books are currently available at Follow Gallopade on social media for more information about contests as well as information and ideas to keep kids engaged in learning, all year long!


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