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The Day That Was Different: September 11, 2001 - 10th Anniversary Edition Teacher Resource Book
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 92301
ISBN: 978-0-635-09230-4
Format: Paperback
This Teacher Resource Book follows the book The Day That Was Different: September 11, 2001-When Terrorists Attacked America. This Resource Book has activities, terms, geography, math, writing skills, time line of events and more to help you teach your students about September 11, 2001. The information is factual, tactful information to help us all to help all kids. Great for ages 9 and up.
Germ-Wise For Kids!

Product Code: 134165
ISBN: 978-0-635-13416-5
Since what we don’t know can hurt us, let’s learn about germs! Germs can be scary, but the truth is that they are also fascinating! Let’s immunize ourselves with a few facts. Knowledge makes us feel better and protects us against ignorance, always a good thing. There’s nothing like a dramatic current event right out our own back door to get our curiosity up. Learn more now so you can be GERM WISE!

  • Animals are Germy 
  • The Germ Cycle
  • Here’s How Infections Might Spread Germs Come Calling
  • Be a Germ Detective
  • Antibodies Come to the Rescue
  • The Geography of Germs: How Epidemics Become Pandemics Plagues
  • Plagued the Past…We’ve Always Had Germs

  • Bacteria: Good & Bad Germ
  • Our Friends & Foes Childhood Disease Family Tree Testing…
  • Testing…123
  • Environmental Concern
  • What You Can Do Immune System Smarts Virulent Viruses

The Day That Was Different: September 11, 2001 - 10th Anniversary Edition
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 91739
ISBN: 978-0-635-09173-4
This book is an easy to understand explanation of the most recent chapter in America's history, discussing that “day that was different,” September 11, 2001, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, what terrorism is, the situation in the Middle East, and relevant information about related topics like Islam.
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