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The Tea Party Coloring Book
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 7978X
ISBN: 978-0-635-07978-7
Format: Paperback
The Tea Party is an important political movement in America. Tea party members are determined to make politicians listen to the people they represent. They believe in less government and lower taxes. Grab your crayons and join us on a "color-full" learning adventure about the Tea Party. Kids will learn about the Tea Party slogan, find out where the name "Tea Party" came from and learn about the basic Tea Party principles! Kids will meet the Tea Party leaders and more! The 24-page reproducible Tea Party Coloring Book is great for a class, at home or on the road.
Michigan Student Reference Timelines (Pack of 10)
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 17423
ISBN: 978-0-635-01742-0
The Michigan Student Reference Timeline includes ten timelines. The Michigan Student Reference Timeline includes awesome achievement and events all about Michigan.
The New Jersey Experience Sticker Pack!
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 97197
ISBN: 978-0-7933-9719-8
Format: Stickers
The New Jersey Experience Sticker Pack includes images of New Jersey's state flag, bird, flower, seal, insect, tree and more. There are 36 stickers per pack.
Oklahoma BIG Timeline
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 16974
ISBN: 978-0-635-01697-3
Format: Other printed item
The Oklahoma Big Timeline of awesome achievements and events will stimulate students’ imagination to help them visualize important events in history! The Timeline is over 8 feet long.
Canada Geography Bingo
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 005166
ISBN: 978-0-635-00516-8
Format: Game
Learn about Canada's geography facts while having fun! The game includes 36 different Bingo cards, colorful cover-ups, answer mat for quick easy check, instructions for 10 fun and educational ways to play, fact cards, and funny reward cards. Get the matching History Bingo cards for 150 different Bingo games.
The Mystery in Las Vegas
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 6894X
ISBN: 978-0-635-06894-1
One lucky lady! Two unlucky kids! Four rrroolllsss of the dice! Lots of neon! And a mystery that very likely includes a VAMPIRE! What seems like a city for adults only turns out to be an exciting town for kids who love neon, cactus, gigantic dams, rollercoasters atop tall hotels, chocolate, swimming pools and vampires. Vampires? Well, it seems so, but who knows in Las Vegas, a place where magic can be fake...yet the pretend be alllll too real!
The BIG Maine Reproducible Activity Book
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 99440
ISBN: 978-0-7933-9944-4
Format: Paperback
This reproducible book will teach kids about their state history, geography, presidents, people, places, nature, animals, holidays, legend, lore and more by completing these enriching activities.
Nebraska Millionaire
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 000709
ISBN: 978-0-635-00070-5
Format: Paperback
The Millionaire GameBook is reproducible and allows kids to learn about their state symbols, tree, flower, motto, statehood date, capital city, natural resources, weather and borders. The book includes multiple choice questions that are challenging and fun to answer with established dollar values to tally for extra excitement. This book covers fascinating state facts and meets state standards.
Pennsylvania Vocabulary: Va-Va-Vroom! Social Studies Words From Our State's Standards-Student Book
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 76322
ISBN: 978-0-635-07632-8
Format: Paperback
The Pennsylvania Vocabulary Student Practice will boost test scores by helping students develop the vocabulary they need for success! The 60 vocabulary words are handpicked from the Pennsylvania Social Studies Standards. The Pennsylvania Student Practice Workbook includes quizzes that correspond with the Pennsylvania Vocabulary Teacher's Edition. This vocabulary book is a must-have for Pennsylvania Social Studies!
Delaware Geography Projects - 30 Cool Activities, Crafts, Experiments & More for Kids to Do to Learn About Your State!
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 18276
ISBN: 978-0-635-01827-4
Format: Paperback
The Geography Projects Book includes creating a montage of the wildlife that lives in your state using cut-out pictures, recreating the path of a state river with pipe cleaners, building a state tree from fresh or dried leaves or needles from as many types of trees as possible, testing soil samples and more!
Iowa State Map for Students - Pack of 30
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 106421
ISBN: 978-0-635-10642-1
The 8.5” X 11” Iowa Map Pack of 30 includes two types of maps: Side 1 includes symbols, geography, and landmarks; Side 2 includes all the counties in Iowa. Give a map to every student!
The Wyoming Experience Poster/Map!
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 9788X
ISBN: 978-0-7933-9788-4
Format: Poster
This 22" x 34" poster map features a map of the state with neighbors, cities, counties, and landmarks plus state symbols, a state timeline, geography and history information, and lots more.