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John Muir: America's Naturalist
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15080
ISBN: 978-0-635-01508-2
Format: Paperback
As a boy, John Muir was enchanted by nature. As an adult, this love led to great achievements in the world of ecology. John is remembered as America's first naturalist. A knowledgeable man of nature - our Muir of the mountains!
Marie Curie: Nobel Prize Winning Scientist
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 23741
ISBN: 978-0-635-02374-2
Format: Paperback
Marie Curie was one of the first women scientists to become famous all over the world. She was a true pioneer in the field of science. In fact, she gave her life for the science she loved so much! Marie Curie showed us how to have confidence in ourselves and our work.

Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 26198
ISBN: 978-0-635-02619-4
Format: Paperback
Sally Ride was the first American woman in space! Sally did not plan a career as an astronaut. She wanted to be a professional tennis player. When Sally saw she could not achieve that goal, she returned to college. She used her education to build a career in space. Sally worked hard to learn and succeed as an astronaut!
The Treacherous Tornado Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 63387
ISBN: 978-0-635-06338-0
Format: Paperback
It happens every spring when the air and the earth begin to warm... Mother Nature wakes up from her long winter's nap, yawns, stretches... and Tornado Season is born! Join a brother and sister and their sort-of-crazy-scientist father as they chase tornadoes to learn more about these dangerous storms. Believe it or not, there's fun in funnel clouds... well, unless you get too close! Uh, oh, gotta go: HERE SHE COMES! Maybe we are in Kansas, Toto!
The Earthshaking Earthquake Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 63395
ISBN: 978-0-635-06339-7
Format: Paperback
What do a brother and sister do when their sort-of-mad-scientist dad takes them along the San Andreas Fault, to new Madrid, Missouri and other earthquake-prone places? They are in for the ride of their lives! Join them on an earthshaking adventure and learn all about famous earthquakes from the past, how we might predict them in the future, and oops, well, gotta go as you can seeeee! Winner of the 2007 iParenting Award
The Horrendous Hurricane Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 63409
ISBN: 978-0-635-06340-3
Format: Paperback
A lot of hurricanes are predicted this season. But only one person is excited about that; a sort-of-crazy scientist father who takes in son and daughter along as he faces the danger and drama of a category 5 face-down! The kids are fascinated, but fearful - after all, their das is not one to leave until the laaaaast minute! Join then for the frantic fun and learn a lot of hurricane history mystery, legend and lore!
The Voracious Volcano Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 64634
ISBN: 978-0-635-06463-9
Format: Paperback
When a volcano blows, where do you go? The other way - unless you're one of the Masters of Disasters! Sort-of-crazy scientist dad, Artemis and his brainy kids, Nick and Curie, head to Yellowstone Nation Park and Mount St. Helens to check out, "volcanoland" when they hear that a mountain with a tummy ache in Hawaii is about to erupt! As they check out the hot spot with their disaster-defecting robot, they run into a red-hot riddle of a mystery! Join them on their adventure and get ready to RUMBLLLLE!
The Behemoth Blizzard Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 64642
ISBN: 978-0-635-06464-6
Format: Paperback
It's "snow" wonder that Artemis, Nick and Curie - a sort-of-crazy scientist father and his super smart kids - end up in the worst snowstorm predicted in years! Dad comes down with the flu. The hotel hosts are hiding something. Their experiment goes haywire! And of course, it's hard to solve a mystery when the world is all white and everyone and everything is invisible in a BEHEMOTH BLIZZARD! That leaves the Masters of Disasters to save the day in a wild winter wonderland you won't believe!
The Ferocious Forest Fire Mystery
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 64650
ISBN: 978-0-635-06465-3
Format: Paperback
It's a hot time in the old town tonight when Artemis, the sort-of-crazy scientist dad and his whiz kids, Nick and Curie, get wind of a big forest fire in famous Yellowstone Park! Dad gets hot under the collar over some missing horses, but Nick and Curie keep their cool as they learn about arson, wildfires, firefighting, and more while trying to find out who started the fire! Uh, if you come along for this ride, it might be wise to bring a raincoat 'cause you're gonna get WET! Watch ouuuut! Winner of the 2007 iParenting Award!
Weather, Weather, Everywhere! Bulletin Boards with Borders
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 65320
ISBN: 978-0-635-06532-2
Format: Other Printed Item
Includes more than 30 individual bulletin board pieces, 20 feet of attractive educational border, and an activity for students that involves making an item that teachers can put up as part of the bulletin board display!
Masters of Disasters Set of 6 Paperbacks

Product Code: 65517
ISBN: 978-0-635-06551-3
Format: Paperback
SAVE 10% when you purchase all six paperbacks of the Masters of Disasters Mystery series and you will also receive six FREE bookmarks, one for each book purchased. Join a brother and sister team as they accompany their scientist dad on hair-raising adventures. Children ages 7-14 will be thrilled as the characters try to save the day while learning about science along the way. What child can resist learning about the power of mother-nature and the tools to stay safe as these interested kids confront nature head-on!. Each book includes a map, SAT words, an online glossary definitions, and built in book club! Each mystery has an Accelerated Reader quiz, a Lexile Level, a Fountas & Pinnell guided reading level and a Developmental Reading Assessment.
List Price: $43.94
You Save: 10%
Price: $39.54
Sam Tunes in to the Science of Sound
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 66599
ISBN: 978-0-635-06659-6
Format: Paperback
The Science Alliance 16-book series received the 2013 Academics' Choice Award for Smart Books and 2013 Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine. Sound encircles Sam, and all of us, every minute of every day! It's a miracle of nature, a symphony of softness and loudness that connects us to the world around us! Tune in to the science of sound with Sam for a smashing, snorting, squawking good time.
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