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I'm Reading About - Set of 50 Library Bouund

Product Code: IMRH50
SAVE 33% when you purchase all 50 Library Bounds I'm Reading About Your State, 1 book for each state. I’m Reading About Your State is a 48-page colorful book that helps students learn what makes each state unique. I’m Reading about Your State helps early readers learn fun and interesting facts about each state. The colorful illustrations, bold, vibrant art, kid-friendly text and photographs help bring the state to life.
Price: $1,499.50
African Americans Reader Set

Product Code: REAFR
Format: Paperback
The 48 African American Reader Set includes easy-to-read information, fun facts and trivia, humor, activities and a whole lot more. Each reader is sure to be popular among young readers and will engage kids with its stories. This 1000 Reader African American Set is great for social studies, meeting state and national curriculum standards, individual and group reading programs, centers, and library programs.
Price: $141.60
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