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The Mystery at Devils Tower
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 75997
ISBN: 978-0-635-07599-4
Format: Paperback
One pouncing prairie dog! One ropeless rock climber! One angry chief! One close encounters! Christina, Grant, Mimi, and Papa travel to Wyoming's Devils Tower and climb into a "towering" mystery involving Native Americans, dinosaur fossils, precocious prairie dogs, fascinating footprints, Unidentified Flying Objects, and... gulp... aliens???
American Symbols Primary Sources Pack
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 125958
ISBN: 978-0-635-12595-8
The Primary Sources series is the winner of the 2015 Academics’ Choice Awards for the 2015 Smart Book Award in recognition of mind-building excellence. The American Symbols Primary Sources is a pack of 20 primary source documents. The American Symbols Primary Sources includes historical documents, maps, photographs, political cartoons, lithographs, diagrams, letters in a mix of color and black-and-white, and sepia finishes. Each primary resource is printed on sturdy 8.5" X 11" cardstock.
The Alaska Experience Sticker Pack
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 97324
ISBN: 978-0-7933-9732-7
Format: Stickers
The Alaska Experience Sticker Pack includes images of Alaska's state flag, bird, flower, seal, insect, tree and more. There are 36 stickers per pack.
The BIG Arizona Reproducible Activity Book
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 9936X
ISBN: 978-0-7933-9936-9
Format: Paperback
This reproducible book will teach kids about their state history, geography, presidents, people, places, nature, animals, holidays, legend, lore and more by completing these enriching activities.
North Dakota Geography Bingo Game
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 002507
ISBN: 978-0-635-00250-1
Format: Game
Learn state geography facts while having fun! The game includes 36 different Bingo cards, colorful cover-ups, answer mat for quick easy check, instructions for 10 fun and educational ways to play, fact cards, and funny reward cards. Get the matching History and Biography Bingo cards for 150 different Bingo games.
Robert M. La Follette: Founder of the Progressive Movement Consumable Pack 30

Product Code: 71223
ISBN: 978-0-635-07122-4
Format: Paperback
The Interactive Write-in Reader Packs includes 30 readers. Robert La Follette was a major force during the Progressive Era of American history. A fiery political leader, he inspired many people and angered many people. He had strong opinions and stuck to those opinions. "Fighting Bob" will always be remembered in American politics.
Andrew Johnson: 17th President of the United States Consumable Pack 30

Product Code: 72890
ISBN: 978-0-635-07289-4
Format: Paperback
The Interactive Write-in Reader Packs includes 30 readers.
Meriwether Lewis & William Clark: Explorers of the Uncharted West Consumable Pack 30

Product Code: 71657
ISBN: 978-0-635-07165-1
Format: Paperback
The Interactive Write-in Reader Packs includes 30 readers. Put a Reader in the hands of every student. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark symbolize the brave and adventurous spirit of America. The Corps of Discovery made the first western exploration that reached the Pacific Ocean and returned! Scientists still study their journals to learn about plants and animals they observed. The Lewis & Clark bicentennial will be celebrated from 2003 to 2006! Each pack includes 30 copies of this reader so every student has their own.
Wisconsin BIG Timeline
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 75911
ISBN: 978-0-635-07591-8
Format: Other printed item
The Wisconsin Big Timeline of awesome achievements and events all about Wisconsin that will stimulate students' imagination to help them visualize important events in history! The Timeline is over 8 feet long.
All About My State-Pennsylvania FunPack (Pack of 30)
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 118646
ISBN: 978-0-635-11864-6
The All About My State-Pennsylvania FunPack (Pack of 30) is a fun activity booklet that helps students discover facts about Pennsylvania in a creative way! Students will love personalizing their cool art as they learn more about where they live and everything around them. Easy activities reinforce research skills and are a great project resource for the classroom. 
Tennessee Bulletin Board Set
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 11166
ISBN: 978-0-635-01116-9
Format: Other printed item
Add Pizzazz to your classroom, hallway, bulletin board, wall or door! The Tennessee Bulletin Board Set includes over 30 different pieces of Tennessee's state symbols including bird, flag, tree, flower, insect, fish, motto, nickname and other Tennessee symbols plus original character art and colorful Tennessee photo postcards.
The Mystery at Hollywood
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 79518
ISBN: 978-0-635-07951-0
Format: Paperback
Christina, Grant, Mimi and Papa fly The Mystery Girl into Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, CA and travel to glamorous Hollywood, only to find themselves involved in a mystery searching for a glittery rhinestone. The mystery is action packed as they tour all of Hollywood's famous tourist attractions, experience California cuisine, and an earthquake. Along the way, they meet a few strange characters including an obnoxious Lucy impersonator, a menacing Spiderman, and a mysterious guide at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.