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Pocahontas: Legendary Indian Princess
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15064
ISBN: 978-0-635-01506-8
Format: Paperback
Pocahontas was the legendary daughter of the powerful Chief Powhatan. She was brave as a child and young woman. Her curiosity about the English colonists led her to become an important part of their lives. She could very well be considered the first female American ambassador!

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John Muir: America's Naturalist
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15080
ISBN: 978-0-635-01508-2
Format: Paperback
As a boy, John Muir was enchanted by nature. As an adult, this love led to great achievements in the world of ecology. John is remembered as America's first naturalist. A knowledgeable man of nature - our Muir of the mountains!
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Dr. Mae Jemison: First African American Woman Astronaut
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15129
ISBN: 978-0-635-01512-9
Format: Paperback
Dr. Mae Jemison had a dream. She also had the grit and dedication to follow it. A strong student and hard worker, she became not only a doctor, but also the first African American woman in space.
Golda Meir: Israel's First Woman Premier
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15137
ISBN: 978-0-635-01513-6
Format: Paperback
Golda Meir was Israel's first woman premier. Her life was tough and she learned to be tough-minded. She was Jewish and proud of her heritage, often risking her life to further Jewish causes. A woman of unspeakable strength, her influence lives on.
Louis Armstrong: Tremendous Trumpeter
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15161
ISBN: 978-0-635-01516-7
Format: Paperback
Louis Armstrong is a legend among jazz musicians. He came from nothing and rose to be one of the greatest musicians of all times. From New Orleans to Chicago to New York and beyond, Louis Armstrong helped bring jazz music to the world.
John Deere: Plowing Pioneer
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 1517X
ISBN: 978-0-635-01517-4
Format: Paperback
John Deere - the name is known all over the country. Did you know John Deere is more than just a tractor company? John Deere was a blacksmith from Vermont! His invention of the self-polishing steel plow was just the beginning of a long and successful career.
Marquis de Lafayette: A Hero to Two Worlds
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 1520X
ISBN: 978-0-635-01520-4
Format: Paperback
The Marquis de Lafayette was born in France. He served in the French Army. When Lafayette learned of the American Revolution, he left his home and came to help the young colonists win their freedom. He later fought for independence and reform in France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, and South America.
John Brown: Madman or Martyr?
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15242
ISBN: 978-0-635-01524-2
Format: Paperback
John Brown was a radical abolitionist whose attempt to free the slaves cost a number of lives (including two of his own sons) and helped indirectly to start the American Civil War.
Christopher Newport: Marvelous Mariner
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15277
ISBN: 978-0-635-01527-3
Format: Paperback
Christopher Newport led an exciting and adventurous life. He was one of the first settlers in Jamestown and helped it survive. A master at sea, he commanded many voyages to and from England-and with only one arm!
Jackie Robinson: Baseball Barrier Breaker
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15293
ISBN: 978-0-635-01529-7
Format: Paperback
Jackie Robinson was the first African American player in the major leagues of baseball. His actions helped to bring about other opportunities for African Americans.
Nat Turner: Anti-slavery Revolutionary
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15307
ISBN: 978-0-635-01530-3
Format: Paperback
Nat Turner-the name evokes both fear and awe. Born and raised in slavery, Nat was part of a bloody slave uprising in Virginia. People have differing views of Nat Turner-some see him as a hero and some as a madman. Whatever the viewpoint, America has to admit that he impacted our history.
Maggie Lena Walker: First Female Bank President
By author: Carole Marsh
Product Code: 15315
ISBN: 978-0-635-01531-0
Format: Paperback
Maggie Lena Walker became a strong leader in the black community in Richmond, Virginia. She used her knowledge and business ability to found a bank, becoming the first woman to do such a thing! She continued to be a successful businesswoman and community leader until her death.