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Kids’s Book on the Newly Elected President

Acclaimed Publisher Releases Kid's Book on the Newly Elected President
Joe Biden: America’s 46th President - Now Available

[PEACHTREE CITY, GA / November 13, 2020): Gallopade International, a nationally recognized publisher of children’s books, released their most anticipated title of the season: Joe Biden: America’s 46th President.

SPECIAL STATEMENT: This year, in true 2020 fashion, there is some dispute over the presidential election. Gallopade wants you to know we are prepared for any result and our goal is to provide objective resources for kids. All that being said... We are a little stuck on whether or not it is appropriate to launch our newest release for the projected winner, Joe Biden, to the public without 100% certainty that the election is concluded. It is projected, based on media coverage, that Joe Biden will defeat Donald Trump. We've decided to share our new book Joe Biden: America’s 46th President, with the public, so educators have the resources they need to teach young Americans about the new president in time for the inauguration in January. In the event that President Trump gets re-elected, Gallopade will immediately discontinue publication of Joe Biden: America's 46th President. Customers will instantly have the ability to purchase Donald Trump: America's 45th President (volume II). 


For forty-one years, Gallopade has been coming to the rescue of frantic teachers, principals, librarians, and parents for educational materials to support hot topics, such as the presidential election. The 2020 presidential election was no exception, publishing Joe Biden: America’s 46th President within days of being announced as the projected winner. This is Gallopade’s sixth presidential election having published “America’s President” immediately after the election. 

“Chances are, your child or student has questions after seeing the immense amount of election coverage,” says Author Carole Marsh, Founder and CEO of Gallopade. Joe Biden: America’s 46th President is a kid-friendly book sharing interesting facts about the President, Joe Biden. The book includes information about his childhood, educational background and career, and family. The 40-page book also contains information on Vice President, Kamala Harris, and her duties as Vice President. Readers will learn about the White House and much more.

“Our interactive book features facts, trivia, puzzles, and more to make the learning experience fun for kids,” shares Michele Yother, Editorial Director. Joe Biden: America’s 46th President is part of Gallopade’s Here & Now series, which includes books, coloring books, teacher resources, posters, and more to make learning about political parties and the election process exciting for kids. Gallopade will be rolling out Joe Biden updates to the series within the coming months.

Joe Biden: America’s 46th President
is for Ages 8 – 14 and Grades 3 – 8. The 8.5” x 11” book is available for $9.99 on and


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