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Georgia Social Studies Experts Expand to Florida: Gallopade Introduces Newest State Curriculum

Georgia Social Studies Experts Expand to Florida: Gallopade Introduces Newest State Curriculum

 As Florida evaluates new resources that align with the latest state standards, the focus now shifts to companies that have submitted their products and services for Social Studies. Gallopade, an Atlanta-based publishing company with over four decades of experience creating standards-aligned, state-specific curricula, is poised to introduce its successful program to the Sunshine State.

Gallopade has created an all-new platform for Florida educators and students that enhances the learning process through various multimedia resources and tools, with support for teachers to ensure that all students are on track to master the state's Social Studies standards.

Since 1979, Gallopade has worked with educators to create education solutions that address the needs of teachers and students. With a catalog of over 6500 titles, including children's fiction and non-fiction, and teacher resources emphasizing Social Studies and Science, the company has grown to become a leader in providing a standards-aligned Social Studies curriculum.

The company's latest Curriculum represents the combined work of expert writers, editors, and designers who built this new platform from the ground up, specifically for Florida, with complete alignment and full coverage of Florida's Next Generation Sunshine State Standards.

Their unique approach allows for customizable solutions, with differentiation for all learning styles, that immerse students in a multi-sensory and interactive experience. Gallopade's Student Book is an innovative combination of traditional textbook content and reinforcement activities that serve as the building blocks of knowledge through engaging lessons and exercises. The company's digital resources also provide a solution for remote learning and virtual schools to ensure that all students have access to content that aligns with Florida's standards.

Gallopade is focused on creating a student-centered experience where Social Studies comes alive. President Michael Longmeyer states, "Our commitment to educators and families starts with giving students the tools necessary to thrive in their academic endeavors as they build their skill sets and boost their confidence. We don't just want students to love Social Studies, but to develop a passion for learning that stays with them throughout their lives."

Florida educators can look firsthand at Gallopade's new offering at the Annual FCSS conference in Orlando from October 14-16 and the FCIS Annual Convention on November 2-4 in Jacksonville. You can learn more about Gallopade and its products and resources at


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