Carole Marsh

Author, CEO/Founder of Gallopade International




"How do we get children to embrace reading so enthusiastically that it is as essential to them as oxygen and water? Introduce them to books they can't put down! More than 38 years ago, I chose that as my mission. As a children's book author, I chose to write mysteries because I remebered being captivated by them when I was young, and saw mysteries spark a love of reading in my children. I want all types of children to discover my mysteries - avid readers, reluctant readers, all readers. I'm also passionate about my mysteries having high educational value, as well as being page-turners. I accomplish this by using real places as settings and real kids as characters, including my children and grandchildren. I know you'll join me in my mission to make books and reading essential in the lives of all children. I'm convinced intriguing mysteries can hold children's hearts and minds captive, asking on one ransom: READ, READ, READ!"
- Carole Marsh Longmeyer

Carole Marsh is the creative force behind more than 15,000 children's books, state-aligned curriculum, and supplemental educational materials. Founded in 1979, Marsh's popular series, Real Kids • Real PlacesTM, originated from her own children’s request for her to write books for kids. This original series now has 53 titles and over the last 38 years, Carole has created eight additional mystery series, all including real characters, historical and factual information, and tons of hilarious mishaps! 

Carole Marsh's instinctive kid-friendly approach toward making reading and learning both fun and educational has earned her considerable attention in the literary world. She is a six-time winner of the Teacher's Choice for the Classroom award from Learning Magazine; two-time Academic's Choice Smart Book award winner; four-time award winner from Creative Child Magazine and the 2015 Moonbeam Silver Medal award recipient. 

A Georgia native, Marsh was honored by the Georgia Writer's Association with the Georgia Author of the Year award in 2007. Having garnered these and other prestigious awards for superior products, as well as respect in the educational market, Gallopade has grown into an international, multi-million-dollar publishing concern highly favored by the educational community. 

In 2015, Gallopade introduced Bluffton Books, an imprint with over 15 titles. Bluffton Books is a culmination of more than 30 years of writing. With an eclectic mix of themes and reading ages, Bluffton Books has appeal to a wide variety of audiences. 

With more than one million of her mysteries sold to date, Carole Marsh's ever-increasing nationwide readership is testament that her motto "give 'em what they want to read" is truly a secret for success.