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Gallopade Curriculum Approved for Tennessee Social Studies

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, November 7, 2018



Gallopade Curriculum Approved for Tennessee Social Studies

The Tennessee State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission has approved Gallopade Curriculum for use in grades 3-8 social studies classrooms in 2019/2020. Gallopade currently produces social studies curriculum for Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, and Louisiana, and offers thousands of supplemental materials for social studies teachers nationwide. Georgia was the first state that Gallopade created curriculum in and there are now 93% of the school districts in Georgia using Gallopade Curriculum.

"I was honored and humbled to to write the history of Tennessee. It is an awesome heritage, so all-American, so full of drama and everything that it took to build a state! The United States is 50 experiences, none more important, poignant, and relevant that Tennessee’s. I hope that students appreciate this historical perspective, and understand how much they can learn from the past and create a great future for their state." Author Carole Marsh

New Tennessee Academic Standards for Social Studies will go into effect this upcoming during the 2019/2020 school year. Gallopade, among other publishers, were invited to submit materials for review. The submitted materials underwent a rigorous review, which resulted in the development of the Official List of Textbooks and Instructional Materials. The list, set to be released at the end of October, provides schools with a list of approved materials that meet the qualifications for being aligned to the new standards.

Included in the state-approved curriculum is Tennessee Experience Student Books, a solution that combines textbook content with workbook activities for an all-in-one solution. The complete curriculum solution includes access to Teacher Toolbox with instructional strategies, resources, and tools that add rigor to instruction. Districts may opt to include ExperTrack Assessment System, a digital program that helps students develop the testing skills and content knowledge needed to master TNReady Assessments.

“Here at Gallopade, we immersed ourselves in everything Tennessee. The history, geography, people, culture, past, present, and future. Kids don’t need to wonder why they go to school or why they need to learn about their state. It is so important, dynamic, ever-changing, and means the world to them and their future.”—Michele Yother, Head of Curricula, Gallopade International.

Gallopade Curriculum for Tennessee is 100% aligned and correlated to the newly revised Social Studies standards. Schools will be reviewing approved materials through March, with adoption decisions expected early April.

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