Press Release

Georgia-Based Publisher Competes in 2019/2020 Tennessee Social Studies Curriculum Adoption Selection


Gallopade has developed and submitted social studies curriculum for Tennessee grades 3-8 in an effort to be included in the Official List of Textbooks and Instructional Materials for the 2019/2020 school year, when the new Tennessee Academic Standards for Social Studies go into effect. The curriculum, currently being reviewed by the State Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality Commission, is 100% aligned and correlated to the newly revised Tennessee standards.

Included in the curriculum offering is Gallopade’s portfolio product, Tennessee Experience Student Books, a solution that combines textbook content with workbook activities for an all-in-one solution. The complete curriculum solution includes access to Teacher Toolbox with instructional strategies, resources, and tools that add rigor to instruction. Districts may opt to include ExperTrack Assessment System, a digital tool that helps students develop testing skills and content knowledge needed to master TNReady Tests.

“Unlike other publishers, every word, activity, skill, and assessment is written based on the state’s latest social studies standards. We’re excited to share our proven approach to learning and we look forward to partnering with Tennessee teachers and schools,” says Vice President Michele Yother. 

Student Books, Teacher Toolbox, and ExperTrack Assessment System use an evidence-based approach and includes an interactive “small bites” approach to learning that helps improve comprehension and retention of newly learned content, concepts, and skills. This model has been used successfully across the education spectrum and demonstrates an understanding of how appropriate care of the memory leads to improved processing and recall of information.

One fourth-grade teacher quotes, “Since using the Gallopade Curriculum, our scores have made a tremendous improvement. I had a 96% passing rate in social studies this year! Thank you, Gallopade for such a great contribution to our students’ success!”

Gallopade currently produces social studies curriculum for Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, and Louisiana, and offers thousands of supplemental materials for social studies teachers. Announcement of approved publishers will be released in August.