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Columbia Lastname

Columbia Lastname has had an unusual life to be only eleven years old. Her physicist father has vanished. As head of the Citizens of the Cosmos, her mother is never home. What's Columbia to do? Become the first girl colonist on the Red Planet—Mars!

She's slightly scared and severely smart. Can she survive zero gravity? What will she find on her awesome journey to become

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Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars
Columbia Lastname: First Girl Colonist on Mars

Format: Paperback

Time burped… zero gravity… hair of the dog… Gourbots…Citizens of the Cosmos… and Little Green Men? It has to be someone, you know! Mars seems to get closer everyday as NASA plans a real mission, has already picked a real girl to go (she’ll be 33 then!), and the imaginations of today’s kids are fueled by books, movies, games and more. Indeed, I have read that the future astronauts who WILL go to Mars are just being born, or are ages up to early elementary school. Will YOUR child or grandchild go to Mars? (Just when I was only worried mine might go global on me!)

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