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Small Group Combination Introductory Set
Small Group Combination Introductory Set
Age Level: 
7 - 13
In stock!
Price: $117.87  $97.88


The Small Group Combination Introductory Set includes: FREE Write-On/Wipe-Off Classroom Tree  Expository Writing Lesson Book  Narrative Writing Lesson Book Lesson Book  Persuasive Writing Lesson Book  Carole Marsh's Secrets, Tips, Tricks and More to Prompt Wow Writing  Astonishing Adjectives Wall Chart  Animated Adverbs Wall Chart  Va-Va-Verbs Wall Chart  WowWords Wall Chart  Touchy Feely Feelings Wall Chart  Colorful Colors Wall Chart  Pack of 12 Student WowWords Book  Pack of 12 Student Reference Card.

Each book includes 5 weeks of writing activities and 10 compelling lessons (two per week). Each lesson includes a Secret, a Definition, How to Use the Secret, Extraordinary WowWords, Related Activities for Success and an example of how to use the FREE Write-On/Wipe-Off Classroom Tree (a $19.99 value).

Each book is designed to help you teach your students how to use thinking skills to plan and compose effective writing pieces. Each lesson book provides you with a Pacing Guide for the week. For each lesson, the students will write with Carole Marsh (examples are provided for you with each lesson), the students will write as a class, and also write independently.

Each writing lesson book gives you 10 examples of how to use the FREE Write-on/Write-off Classroom Tree. The 22" X 34" laminated chart is super for in-class brainstorming to help the students visually organize their thoughts and words. Use a dry-erase pen to wipe clean to use again and again. The Write-on/Write-off Classroom Tree will help to build must-know writing skills for your students with the fill-in-the-blanks chart. Fill-ins include the Audience, Title, Objectives, WowWords, and Secrets as well as 5 sentences. Each writing lesson book also includes a blank classroom tree that can be reproduced so each student has their own to use in class.

Carole Marsh's Secrets, Tips, Tricks and More to Prompt Wow Writing book is a complete, charming, creative and effective system of teaching all children to love to write, as well as to feel the confidence and power of communicating via the written word! This book includes 180 out-of-the-box, reproducible activities that will help students achieve success in subjects that has left teachers challenged and kids struggling. Your students will be gung-ho to write.

The Small Group Combination Introductory Set also includes five wall charts: the Astonishing Adjectives Wall Chart, the Animated Adverbs Wall Chart, the Va-Va-Vroom Verbs Wall Chart, the WowWords Wall Chart, Touchy-Feely Wall Chart, and the Colorful Colors Wall Chart. Each colorful, 17" x 22" chart can be used as a quick reference guide for your students and are the integral piece of the program.

The Small Group Combination Introductory Set also includes a WowWords book so students can collect their own "wow" words that they love! Students can start their list today and find that writing assignments are easier, faster, and sound, well, WOW! This 14-page book allows students to collect their "wow" words by different categories: Adjectives o Adverbs o Colors o Feelings o Interjections o Motives o Noises o Prepositions o Senses o Settings o Topics o Verbs o Weather o WowWords.

Finally, The Small Group Combination Introductory Set also includes a 12 pack of Student Reference Cards. This 3-hole punched reference card gives students 23 tips, tricks and secrets at a quick glance. A must have for all students!

This Writing Tree Program helps you teach students to write through an easy-to-use, interactive process that lets kids witness real writing in action. As a class, students learn writing skills by "writing with Carole Marsh," then they write interactively as a class, and then they write individually. This takes the fear out of writing and puts the fun back in. Every week, students step up from ordinary writing to effective writing to powerful writing as they learn to write to achieve their goals. This program gives teachers all the tools and methodology they need so teaching writing is fun, easy and phenomenally effective. Students who use this writing program will be prepared for writing assessments, college applications, SAT essays, and their future career!

Writing Tree - Growing Young Writers from Strong Roots to Full Bloom!

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