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Persuasive Writing: 5 Weeks of Persuasive & Compelling Writing Lessons
Persuasive Writing: 5 Weeks of Persuasive & Compelling Writing Lessons
Age Level: 
7 - 12
In stock!
Price: $9.99


The Persuasive Writing Lesson Book includes 5 weeks of persuasive writing and 10 compelling lessons (two per week). Each lesson includes a Secret, a Definition, How to Use the Secret, Extraordinary Wow Words, Related Activities for Success and an example of how to use the Write-On/Wipe-Off Classroom Tree.

This book is designed to help you teach your students how to use thinking skills to plan and compose effective pieces of persuasive writing. The Persuasive Writing Lesson Book provides you with a Pacing Guide for the week. For each lesson, the students will write with Carole Marsh (examples are provided for you with each lesson), the students will write as a class, and also write independently.

Below are examples of writing with Carole Marsh:
Lesson 1: "When I was a kid, I really wanted a dog. My parents did not agree. No matter how much I begged, they would not say yes. So, I decided to write something to try to convince them. After all, I really, really wanted a dog."

Lesson 2: Writing is a golden ticket to a successful future! With determination and practice, you can become a great writer. Resolve to make it a daily habit! Don't wait for New Year's - start now!

Lesson 3: My favorite type of persuasive writing is the love letter! What could a love letter be trying to get? A date? Maybe! But what about a love letter to a pet, or a celebrity, or a favorite food?

Lesson 4: I get funky catalogs in the mail filled with cool clothes. But what if I have an amazing idea for a new product I think the catalogs should carry? I will need to submit a product proposal to convince their designers!

Lesson 5: One summer, I begged my best friend to go with me to summer camp. She didn't really want to go. So I gave her specific examples why I loved my camp. And guess what - we were bunkmates that summer!

Lesson 6: Did you ever do something at home you wished you hadn't? Sometimes it takes some persuading to get Mom or Dad to forgive you. You better have a really good explanation! Start strong and plead your case!

Lesson 7: There are lots of reasons to reduce, reuse, and recycle to help our planet. But the argument is even more compelling if told from the point of view of an endangered animal whose life will be saved by our conservation.

Lesson 8: When I was in school, the food in the cafeteria was. well. gross! Today, schools offer a yummier fare. How could a school cafeteria convince more kids to try its food? With words that add tasty enticement!

Lesson 9: "It was a dark and stormy night." "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times." Great writing starts with an attention-grabbing first sentence. Start with something zany, exciting, even mind-blowing!

Lesson 10: A political campaign is a perfect place to discuss detail! A candidate can't just say he'll be a good leader - he must tell voters WHY he'll be a good leader. Details support his position and then voters can decide.

Also Available:
eBook PDF $9.99
In stock!

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