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July 20, 2012

Publisher to Launch High School Career Curriculum, Targets Georgia Unemployment

Atlanta, GA – Georgia-based publisher Gallopade is looking forward to a brighter future for Georgia employers and the next generation’s workforce, announcing a new curriculum line for high schools that will be launched this fall. The new 6-book series for grades 9-12 is called Carole Marsh’s Georgia Careers Curriculum and is intended to better prepare students for “the real world of work,” whether they plan to attend college or not. The Georgia Careers Curriculum takes an entirely new, forward-thinking approach to high school education: one based on the current and future needs of the job market. The creator of the series is nationally-acclaimed author Carole Marsh, who is a lifelong entrepreneur and educator, and is known for having a sharp eye on the future of both education and business.

The award-winning author aims to address the issues that have left a generation of prospective employees surprisingly unprepared for the future. These issues have become painfully evident in the past few years, as Georgia unemployment has been on a very slow decline since August of 2011. Recently the decline appears to have come to a halt, resting at 8.9% in April and May of this year. The increasing stress of an underemployed Georgia looms as more and more young people leave high school with fewer job opportunities ahead.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. With the Georgia Department of Education’s “Georgia Career Pathways,” career education is moving toward the front burner. So-called vocational courses, which have become, as Joel Rubin of the Los Angeles Times wrote in 2004, “a dumping ground for poorly performing students,” can look finally look forward to a revival if a career-oriented approach proves popular. A strong career curriculum gives potential for a thriving school-to-workforce education system in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Careers Curriculum author Carole Marsh, an Atlanta native, has stated, “I am a proud product of the Georgia public school system.  I got a great education. But even I was deprived of the important information, concepts, ideas, and practical guidance as to what was right for me next.”

So what is right for Georgia students next? What don’t kids know about joining the workforce?

With the input of high-profile employers around the state, Marsh plans to answer these questions, starting with the six books to be launched this fall. These six books make up the first segment of Georgia Careers Curriculum and will address the essentials of employment and success, including business vocabulary, ethics, etiquette, and career tracks that include viable alternatives to the 4-year college degree.

Though the project is a huge undertaking, the author and her team of researchers have made it clear that they are prepared for the challenge of getting kids into 21st century jobs. Known for staying on the cutting edge of education, Gallopade has been unequivocally successful in creating other curriculum materials, including the Georgia Experience, a standards-based social studies curriculum series for grades K-8. Business and employment also happen to be one of the author’s areas of expertise. “Kids need to understand the joy that a life’s work can be,” says Marsh. “I have no intention of leaving any Georgia high school student in the lurch.”

The first six titles in Carole Marsh’s Georgia Careers Curriculum will be released in the fall of 2012:

•Essential Skills for the Real World of Work: Things Every Georgia Student Must Know!
•Georgia Job Tracks: 60 Great Careers-and How to Get From Where You Are…to Where You want to Go!
•Would You Hire This Person?: A Look at Getting Hired (or not!) From the Point of View of Your (Possible!) Future Employer
•The Parent and Teacher’s Guide to Helping Students Navigate the Bumpy Road from School to More School, First Job, and Career
•Business Ethics and Etiquette for High School Students-You MUST Know These!
•WORK WORDS: Job/Business/Career Words and Terms You Need to Know!

Carole Marsh’s Georgia Careers Curriculum, with some products shipping as soon as September 15, will also include the following key book titles: an individual student Career Manual, an Essential Skills Passport for each student to complete, and an extensive array of Georgia Companies information cards which can be checked out from a school library or counselor’s office. The complete K-5 curriculum will go online in early 2013, with middle school grade products available later in the year. The full program includes additional products, teacher training, and a Careers Hot Line.

For more information, call Gallopade at 800-536-2438, or visit the author’s blog at

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