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Gallopade Recommends OnTheClock

Gallopade International has used OnTheClock as a way to track time for hourly employees and personal time off for salaried employees for almost 10 years.  During that time, the product (and website www.ontheclock.com) has been upgraded for ease of use as well as more streamlined reporting functions. 

It is a great product- employees appreciate that they can review their "punches" if they forget to punch in or out, and that they can log in from their desks as opposed to going to a central unit within our offices.  The ability to login online from any location has also been a plus for our employees.  These features simplify the effort needed to track hours.

The administrator likes the ability to chat for support service which has always resulted in the quick resolution of any issues.  The website graphics and illustrations are very easy to interpret.  This is a flexible, user friendly product which is a great value for employees and administrators alike!

Official statement regarding My First Pocket Guide: Canada
May 8, 2017

We're sorry to hear the language used in our Canada Pocket Guide was found hurtful to so many. This was by no means our intention and we greatly appreciate the feedback. As with all our products, we leveraged trusted resources in 2001 to produce the content placed in the Pocket Guide. As a company who specializes in providing educational resources for kids, we do value our customer's experience and opinions and will make every effort to make it right. We understand the sensitivity around the topic and will be removing this product from distribution while we review this content for any needed updates for reprint. We've partnered with Canada schools, teachers, bookstores, and parents for over 30 years to produce high-quality content and we hope you'll give Gallopade another opportunity.

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