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The Big Civil War – Who, What, Where, When, Why Book

The Big Civil War – Who, What, Where, When, Why Book

By author: Carole Marsh
Format: Paperback

Pages: 224
ISBN: 978-0-635-07824-7
Series: Civil War
Ages: 9 – 18
Size: 8.50" – 11.00"
Product Code: 78244
Grades: 4 – 12

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Similar to The Student's Civil War series (Who Were the Key Players in the Civil War?, What Was The Civil War All About Anyway?, Where Did The Civil War Happen?, When Did it Happen in the Civil War?, Civil War Trivia and the Civil War Resource Book), The Big Civil War Book uses an innovative approach to learning about historical events during the Civil War. The book is bursting at the seams with communication from some of the most important players in the war, and often uses current-day social media devices (like text messages, twitter, and emails between generals) and speedy stories, to create an easy-to-understand and interesting read for young students. Forget the dusty verbiage of traditional textbooks; The Big Civil War Book combines fun and funky graphic organization with concise but thorough information that kids need to understand history.

The Big Civil War Book combines:

1. What Was the Civil War All About, Anyway?
The first-shots, nation-divided, winners, losers, blood, guts, glory, and not so glorious story of America's only Civil War.

This book on basically What Was the Civil War All About, Anyway? takes a unique approach of exploring "what" in bite-size, digestible, entertaining pieces. Instead of the rote, pat answers usually given in books for children, this book actually offers a more practical, thorough, intense look at how Americans got into this mess, and lets students-GASP!-draw their own conclusion. The author, Carole Marsh, believes that kids have strong opinions about war, and are entitled to their own Monday morning quarterbacking as to what was good, bad, right, wrong, etc. regarding this war of brother against brother.

2. When Did It Happen In The Civil War?
A first-hand chronology from the battlefields, home fronts, White House, courthouse, and more... via e-mails, telegrams, text messages, secret ciphers & more!

This book on "when" the Civil War took place completely (and thankfully!) disregards the boring monotone of a strict chronology (YAWN!) and tackles the question of "when" through a clever ongoing monologue via GPS, telegram, bullhorn, text messages, cell phone calls, and other "of the era" as well as anachronistic communication tools. Yes, "when" can be a page-a-day kind of thing, or the horror of an endless battle, or the split second between the bullet and the body.

3. WHERE Did the Civil War Happen?
See yourself via historic documents, Google maps, virtual road trips, battlefields, photographs, landmarks, and more!

This book on "where" the Civil War took place takes an innovative, far more understandable, approach with young readers as they explore the geography of the war from a cinemascope look, as well as bird's eye views of America at the start of the war, the design and purpose of forts, earthworks, etc., the set-up of a battlefield, where soldiers were buried, and so much more. "Where" to a young reader is not all about geography, but more about making sense of place, whether that's along the Underground Railroad, or face-to-face on the skirmish line.

4. WHO Were The Key Players In The Civil War?
The president, generals, soldiers, spies, mothers, wives, children, doctors, nurses, brothers-facing brothers, and more!

This book on "who" were the participants in the Civil War gives students a virtual chronological flood of not only the usual suspects of generals, presidents, and soldiers, but also the children, animals, mothers, spies, nurses, slaves, and others who were caught up in the events leading to war, during the war, and in its aftermath. Using either the actual dramatic words of participants, as well as invented dialogue, this fast-paced, free-flowing non-fiction graphic novel brings the war to vivid life for young readers.

5. Civil War Trivia
Civil War Trivia includes facts, tall tales, fascinating folklore, stories, songs, journals and more! This book provides an accurate, fast-paced, fascinating (even flabbergasting!) look at how facts can tell a story of not just war, but human nature, invention, coincidence, the farfetched, the big, the small, the impossible, the "who'd a thunk it?!" Yet another creative Gallopade way to tell the story that needs to be told, but with a constant flow of clever "hooks" and "gotchas" that keep kids reading and caring.

This book will help students gain perspective, appreciation, and the understanding of how wars happen and how they might be avoided. This timely book will help to educate kids about the civil war plus get them excited so that they read them and learn!

6. Civil War Resource Book
Civil War Resource Book includes battles, battlefields, diagrams, uniforms, insignia, how to make hardtack, a day in the life of a soldier, currency, equipment, artillery, 20 names for the civil war, music, reenactments, ships, subs, sites and more!
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