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Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook

Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook

Format: Student Workbook

ISBN: 978-0-635-12164-6
Series: Louisiana Exp-Curric
Product Code: 121646

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The Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook engages students with an interactive learning experience increasing literacy, critical thinking, and mastery of all Louisiana Academic Standards Social Studies elements and skills. Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook has 160 pages.

100% Aligned to Louisiana the Academic Standards for Social Studies.
All Louisiana Academic Standards content in one place with standards cited on each page or chapter.

All-In-One Resource
Combines textbook content with workbook activities in one book.

Evidence-Based Results
Our successful formula of “small bites” of information helps students with comprehension and retention. Reinforcement activities creates a continuous interactive learning experience to facilitate deeper understanding and knowledge.

No Fluff!
Unlike other curriculum, Louisiana Experience covers. all standards without unneeded information that can overwhelm the student.

New Workbooks Every YearStudents receive their own Workbook to write in, highlight, take home, and keep!

The 160-page comprehensive Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook is interactive and in a "small bites" format that is effective for all levels of students. The Louisiana Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook contains:

Unit 1: Regional Geography of the United States
Chapter 1: Regions of the United States
Chapter 2: Map Skills

Unit 2: From New World to 13 Colonies
Chapter 3: Development of the 13 Colonies
Chapter 4: Control of the Ohio Territory

Unit 3: From Tyranny to Democracy
Chapter 5: A New Nation Forms
Chapter 6: The Declaration of Independence
Chapter 7: Major Events of the American Revolution
Chapter 8: Foundations of the U.S. Government
Chapter 9: Civil Rights Amendments

Unit 4: From Sea to Shining Sea & More
Chapter 10: A Nation of Immigrants
Chapter 11: Our Original U.S. Boundaries
Chapter 12: The Northwest Ordinance
Chapter 13: The Louisiana Purchase
Chapter 14: Manifest Destiny

Unit 5: From Covered Wagons to Cars, Computers, & More
Chapter 15: The Industrial Revolution, 1700s-1830
Chapter 16: The Transcontinental Railroad
Chapter 17: Innovations Impact the Great Plains
Chapter 18: Industrialization After the Civil War
Chapter 19: Modern Technology

Unit 6: Economic & Citizenship Skills Essential for Today
Chapter 20: Economic Relationships in the United States
Chapter 21: Making Good Financial Decisions
Chapter 22: Citizenship in Louisiana and the United States

End of Year Test

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Louisiana Curriculum 2018 - 2019 Social Studies Curriculum Catalog

View the Louisiana Curriculum 2018 - 2019 Catalog online HERE.
Download the Louisiana Curriculum 2018 - 2019 Social Studies Catalog HERE.
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by Falysia
on 8/17/2017
Saved the Day
This workbook completely changed how I was teaching my social studies class. I was able to stay on track and because it was aligned with the Louisiana state standards I no longer wasted time trying to play catch up. It was both teacher and student friendly.
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