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Georgia Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook: United States History

Georgia Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook: United States History
Revolution to Reconstruction-GSE Aligned for 2017-18 School Year

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ISBN: 978-0-635-12573-6
Series: Georgia Exp-Curric
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2017 is the year to evaluate and implement new instructional resources for social studies. At Gallopade, we’ve been 100% focused and dedicated to updating our Georgia Experience curriculum solutions, including the addition of digital curriculum. We’ve partnered with schools, teachers, and social studies experts across the state to bring the highest quality materials to your classroom. For more information, click HERE to go to the Georgia Curriculum web site.

Why choose the Georgia Experience?
We know that you have options, here's why you should consider us...

All print and digital materials are 100% aligned and 100% correlated to the new Georgia Standards of Excellence. We meet 100% of Georgia's Standards for social studies including Map and Globe Skills, Information Processing Skills, and social studies ELA connections.

Cost & Flexible Adoptions
Gallopade offers bulk quantity and multi-year adoption discounts. You can save $1 - $3 per student for bulk orders, and 5% - 20% for 2-6 year adoptions. Prices will never change during your adoption period.

Print + Digital
Georgia Experience offers both print and digital solutions for your classroom. If your school or district wants to move from print to digital mid-adoption, with Gallopade you can switch to digital at the start of any school year at no additional cost!

Always Updated
Unlike traditional textbooks, all materials are kept up-to-date when standards or current events result in a need for changes. Students receive new up-to-date workbooks at the start of each school year.

Interactive Workbooks
Georgia Experience Student Workbooks are designed for individual use, allowing students to write, highlight, and complete activities within their own personal copy. This interactive approach in print and digital is part of the Gallopade formula for proven success.

Gallopade is a Georgia-based company with materials written, produced, and stored in Georgia. All print workbooks follow GaDOE recommended specs.

Gallopade Cares
Georgia Experience, created by Gallopade, is a Georgia-based company that has been partnering with Georgia schools for over 30 years.

The Georgia Experience 4th Grade Student Workbook is NOT your ordinary workbook. Gallopade combines GSE-aligned textbook content with workbook activities for an all- in-one student resource. Unlike traditional textbooks, our workbooks allow students to have their own personal resource to write in and interact with.

100% Aligned to GSE Standards
All GSE content in one place with standards cited on each page or chapter.

All-In-One Resource
Combines textbook content with workbook activities in one book.

Reinforced Activities
Our successful formula of "small bites" of information and reinforcing activities engages students and creates an interactive learning experience that works.

Teacher Resources
Teacher Editions, Enrichment Packs, and more complement and enrich instruction.

The draft of the 160-page comprehensive 4th Grade Student Workbook will contain:

Unit 1: Causes of the American Revolution
Chapter 1: Events Leading to the American Revolution
Chapter 2: THIS IS WAR!
Chapter 3: The Fight for Independence
Chapter 4: War of 1812
Chapter 5: The Declaration of Independence

Unit 2: Government
Chapter 6: Natural Rights and Our Federal Government
Chapter 7: Constitutional Convention
Chapter 8: Three Branches — One Government
Chapter 9: Westward Expansion 1801-1861

Unit 4: Abolitionist & Suffragist Movements
Chapter 10
Chapter 11: Abolitionist and Suffrage Movements

Unit 5: The Civil War
Chapter 12
Chapter 13: The War Begins!
Chapter 14: Important People in the Civil War
Chapter 15: Cause and Effect

Unit 6: Reconstruction
Chapter 16: What Next?

Unit 7: Geographical Features
Chapter 17: U.S. Physical and Man-Made Features
Chapter 18: Man Makes His Mark!

Unit 8: Economics
Chapter 19: New and Improved
Chapter 20: What’s Your Specialty?
Chapter 21: Basic Economic Concepts
Chapter 22: Managing Your Personal Budget

Georgia Experience 2017 4th Grade Student Workbook Sample

Click HERE to view the 2017-2018 4th Grade Student Workbook.

Georgia Experience 2017 Social Studies Curriculum Catalog

Download the Georgia Experience 2017 Social Studies Curriculum Catalog HERE.
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