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Exploring Georgia Through Project-Based Learning

Exploring Georgia Through Project-Based Learning
Geography, History, Government, Economics & More

By author: Carole Marsh
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-635-12334-3
Series: Georgia Exp
Ages: 8 – 11
Size: 8.50" – 11.00"
Product Code: 123343
Grades: 3 – 5

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Exploring Georgia through Project-Based Leaning includes 50 well-thought-out projects designed for grades 3-5. In assigning your students projects that dig into Georgia’s geography, history, government, economy, current events, and famous people, you will deepen their appreciation and understanding of Georgia while simultaneously improving their analytical skills and ability to recognize patterns and big-picture themes.

Project-based learning today is much different than the craft-heavy classroom activities popular in the past. Inquiry, planning, research, collaboration, and analysis are key components of project-based learning activities today. However, that doesn’t mean creativity, individual expression, and fun are out. They definitely aren’t!

Each project is designed to help students gain important knowledge and skills that are derived from standards and key concepts at the heart of academic subject areas. Students are asked to analyze and solve problems, to gather and interpret data, to develop and evaluate solutions, to support their answers with evidence, to think critically in a sustained way, and to use their newfound knowledge to formulate new questions worthy of exploring.

While some projects are more complex and take longer than others, they all are set up in the same structure. Each begins with the central project-driving questions, proceeds through research and supportive questions, has the student choose a presentation option, and ends with a broader-view inquiry. Rubrics for reflection and assessments are included, too. This consistent framework will make it easier for you assign projects and for your students to follow along and consistently meet expectations.

Encourage your students to take charge of their projects as much as possible. As a teacher, you can act as a facilitator and guide. The projects are structured such that students can often work through the process on their own or through cooperation with their classmates.
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